Friday, 19 October 2007

city centre

Another view of the Victoria Centre dome - I took this photo from my bedroom window this morning. Behind it you can see the new spire at St Anne's Cathedral. I've been finding it hard to get excited about the spire, but it did look good this morning - really glittering in the sunlight.


Mike said...

That is an amazing view from your bedroom! And the light is just lovely. I would never have guessed that was Belfast.

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dr. adder said...

Really nice photo. Interesting to see how close the spire and the dome are but which church is that to the left of the dome?

Is that a football/rugby ground in front of your bedroom window? Perhaps Ravenhill? Must get a great view of the matches (c:

blueboat said...

Good point - I don't know what church that can be - the one in Chapel Lane?? It is indeed Ravenhill rugby ground, it is quite a distance away but we can hear the roar on match nights.