Monday, 7 May 2007

festival of fools

This weekend saw the second Festival of Fools in Belfast. This photo is of half of 'Tempo Rubato' - a surreal double act. My daughter loved them, but I found their masks really creepy - (they reminded me of the mask worn by the Michael Palin character in Brazil). Unfortunately I didn't manage to get any photos of everyone's favourite, the wonderful Mario, Queen of the Circus.


Olive said...

First of all awsome photo! I would love to be a part of something like that.
When did they close the memorial?? I was there summer 2005... And it was alive and open. I actually took a nap on the rocks beside it :)
Better there than in Heathrow...

Leena said...

Hello blueboat!
the first yesterdays photo is like painting, the misty, blue landscape
gives such a peaceful, warm feeling.
It must be wonderful to hike there.

Have a happy spring time!

blueboat said...

Hi Olive,
The memorial had to be closed a few times, mainly for safety reasons (people kept falling over and injuring themselves!) and more recently for maintenance. There is some info here
As far as I know the fountain is open at the moment...
Certainly a better place than Heathrow!!