Monday, 14 January 2008

Donegall Pass

Gable end mural on Donegall Pass. Interesting article (though not one I necessarily agree with) on Belfast murals by Grayson Perry here.


d. chedwick bryant said...

I love some of the murals in Belfast Many of them are beautiful. I took pictures of a lot of them.

Neva said...

I hope they don't over paint them...I love murals like this...and it would be a shame to lose the real history...There was a big tv show on someone in England that does "graffiti" that everyone loves and they are trying to find him and through the book at him...interesting.

Clarice said...

I am not sure that I like them or what they have represented but I think it is important to keep them as part of history

Pat said...

I sure hope that they don't overpaint them. I have looked at the murals for years now on each visit I've made to the "auld sod". Lived there in the 1960's and visited so many times since and just fantastic to see the "history" through these.


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