Sunday, 3 February 2008

from M&S cafe...

View out towards the City Hall and, behind it, Windsor House.

Today I've been tagged by Clarice, so, here are five facts you won't have known about me.

1. I love to cook. I make good cakes and really excellent chilli jam.
2. I really wish I had never let my daughter taste white bread.
3. I'd love a DSLR, and the time to learn to use it properly.
4. I'd love to live in Paris (for the food, and the culture and the glamour).
5. I'm having a bit of a mid-life crisis at the moment (no scary behaviour, just a lot of soul searching).

I'm tagging:
Dr Adder
Mll (Mll - you've started a blog!!)
Pat in Guelph


MLL said...

Well, yes, I've started a blog, I still don't know if I did well (I'm a rather secretive person, a bit too shy may be). I don't deserve to be tagged but I sincerely thank you !
I'm glad to know this five things about you :)
So you're having "a bit of a mid-life crisis at the moment" ? Well, you're not alone, join the club !
May I ask you what a DSLR is ?

MLL said...

By the way...what does it mean "to be tagged" ? Do I have to write 5 facts about me ? (oh dear, my English is really poor !)

dr. adder said...

hi blue', thank you also for adding me to your list but, as much as I appreciate the spirit in which it was made, I am afraid that I must decline your offer. You will probably think me a real killjoy but I really do not like this type of thing, which I see as a glorified chain letter. I know - it's probably meant to extend the blogging community but I'm sorry that it is something that is just not to my taste.

blueboat said...

Oh dear, sorry if I've caused offence!!

I'm off to eat some pancakes now....

dr. adder said...

no offence blue' ... and pancakes they really are to my taste yummmmmmmmmmmm! Bet you cooked them yourself too. (save me one, plllease)

dr. adder said...

p.s. just noticed the umbydoodle - that was a blowy day!

MLL said...

She meems to be in huff, don't you think Dr.A ? We've lost a cyberfriend, I'm afraid :(

blueboat said...

not in a huff... but certainly stuffed (with pancakes). Oh well, lent starts today - I haven't decided what to give up yet, I'm torn between chocolate and butter - hard to imagine life without either!

dr. adder said...

Oh no, MLL, I don't think she's in a huff - are you perhaps being just a little bit feisty here?

... and blue', you don't have to keep rubbing it in about the pancakes. I did manage to have one yesterday - but it was a big'n (c:

Give up the chocolate - have you looked in the mirror recently? LOL

p.s. MLL, is pancake day celebrated in France? Normally called Shrove Tuesday (Mardi Gras, Fat Tuesday - call it what you will), it's the day when you can stuff yourself silly (like blue') prior to fasting over Lent.

MLL said...

Yes, we also have that kind of celeration in France but we call it the "chandeleur" and it is celebrated the 2nd february.

Oh oh...interesting news...on that page :

"Fat days" were also known as "jours charnels" Eddie Mitchel used to sing ( no "boogie woogie" :) (joking)

Personally, I could live without butter but certainly not without chocolate ! (anyway my mirror upon the wall has never said to me I was the fairest fair of all) Don't let a man tell you what you must give up, Blueboat ;) Let's stuff ourselves silly _ after lent is over of course :)
"Memento homo, quia pulvis es, et in pulverem reverteris"...

blueboat said...

very cruel Dr A, and thanks for the vote of sisterhood mll!

crestin said...

you don't own a dslr? What do you use?