Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Happy Halloween

From spooky Streamvale Farm.
I took this photo from inside the mouse barn - the mouse tank was decorated for the occasion with a little haunted house and even a severed arm. Very cute. Sadly you'll have to take my word for it - it was very dark inside and I didn't want to use a flash (I didn't want to frighten the little critters to death....)
For anyone with small children to entertain, Streamvale is well worth a visit. The main farm is closed for the winter, but you can still visit lots of the smaller animals - the chickens, sheep, goats, deer and these gorgeous bunnies. (This is my first attempt at loading video onto Blogger -I hope it works.)


Mylagan said...

It works and it's great ! I even could hear the cock singing.

dr. adder said...

Love the spooky photo - brave girl who didn't run screaming from the wee timorous beasties.
glad to see somebody is able to upload videos - I have given up in despair since blogger keeps losing the connection every time I try.

Mylagan said...

Oh I couldn't see the first picture yesterday. I like the curtain.

Dr Adder, be kind with blogger and gentle and maybe you'll succeed, ne désespère pas :)

blueboat said...

Thanks for your comments - it is a nightmare trying to put video onto blogger - it just takes so long. I uploaded a new video today but on the whole I just don't think its worth the effort.

Mylagan said...

Maybe it's easier to put a video on youtube (I don't know) and then put the link on blogger. Just a thought.

blueboat said...

Thanks for this mll - I'll try this.