Friday, 14 December 2007

Christmas cheer

Sorry for the poor picture quality - I just snapped these two as I was walking through the city centre today. The man on the left is wearing a 'Crist died for our sins..' tabard, and the man on the right is dressed up as a chicken - for a Trocaire appeal. The juxtoposition made me laugh - especially as they both look so grumpy.


dr. adder said...

I love it - excellent shot and it is typical of the attitude to religion here. Some take it far too seriously while others are more relaxed. Well done on capturing a great moment.

Anonymous said...

That's a hilarious photo! (and yes, your M&S knicker photo reminded me of Father Ted too).

Glasgow Daily Photo

Mo said...

I love this photo. I love the humor in it. Merry Christmas.

Brian Branch said...

This is a great picture! Has a photojournalistic twist to it.