Friday, 24 August 2007


Dulse is a type of seaweed that has been eaten in Northern Ireland for hundreds of years. Strong, salty (of course) stuff, some people love it. I remember my granny used to eat it like sweeties - I've never been able to acquire a taste for it. (I saw this dulse for sale at the farmers' market - not a bad little business - selling something gathered for free at the shore for £1 a bag.)


oldmanlincoln said...

Well, thank you for stopping over and having a look at my Brown Jersey cow at the fair. She is a beautiful cow I think too.

I never heard of the kind of seaweed your post talks about, but I did note you mentioned it was a nice little business, gathering it for free, etc.

That is like the fish in the ocean that are freely taken and sold and consumed. I don't think it is right unless the fish have a voice in the matter, of course they don't.

Anyway. I enjoyed your post and I hope you have enjoyed mine. Thanks.

I also started a blog about birds since I have taken several thousand bird photos. You might like to have a look at some of them I have online.

Abraham Lincoln
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joy said...

I love marinated seaweeds - especially when it's sweet! I like eating it with fish fillet with white sauce and Chinese fried rice, starting of course with corn soup! Yum!

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Kate said...

Being an entrepreneur has its rewards! Don't think anyone is going to become a millionaire with this little business tho!

Chad said...

I love shopping at farmer's markets.