Saturday, 3 November 2007

Halloween Night

Another attempt at uploading a video.... I missed the main fireworks display on Halloween night as I was out collecting my daughter from a party, but people were letting their own fireworks off late into the night - I took this film at about 11pm.


dr. adder said...

Excellent video, and it is worth the effort even if it is extremely frustrating.
Love the deer, my dear (c:
No, I probably shouldn't have but I just couldn't pass it up - even if it is an old cliché.

MLL said...

Lol. I won't forget it ("Love the deer, my dear"). I love them too.
And it was a great pleasure to see the film. I thought I was near Belfast for a moment (a little "piece of dream"). Many thanks for your effort.

blueboat said...

glad you enjoyed it!

Hyde DP said...

sounds quite tame compared to the nightly noise around here, but then it is a brief clip. I shall link here from my Nov 5th post as most foreigneers have no idea what it is like.