Sunday, 29 April 2007

noo noo

This is one of the noo noos that patrol the streets of Belfast, in theory cleaning up, but in practice (as far as I can see) mainly stirring the dirt about a bit and leaving a dusty cloud in their wake. Still, at least they're making an effort...!


RamblingRound said...

Hi, thanks for visiting the Selma, Ala. Daily Photo. Our town got street sweepers a few years back, and I thought the same thing! The dirt just goes into the ditch or gets stirred around. If they just had some great big dirt pans, maybe that would help!

Kala said...

thats funny - we have something like that here and they clean up the street by brushing it all on to the sidewalk then the pedestrians walk about and kick it all back on the street =)

Thiên said...

We have sweepers here in TX as well though they do not look so cute, like this one. ;) And you are right, to me, it just stirs up the dirt and puts a coat of dust on everything and then you need to spray your porch to clear it.

BTW, to me, this looks similar to the horse legs in the previous post.

Abraham Lincoln said...

First, thank you for visiting my blog. I do appreciate that.

I like your photograph of the street sweeper. We have them here in our little town where we live. It somehow sucks the things up until it is full and then the load is taken away to a land fill.

It does a good job here until it is just about full and then it doesn't work right. Pieces begin to fall back out.

Thanks again.