Friday, 13 April 2007

Titanic town

The Titanic has iconic status in Belfast - it was built here at Harland and Wolff shipyard, and many Belfast families had members who were involved in its construction. There has been an exhibition of Titanic-related memorabilia at the City Hall all this week. This view is from the gallery looking down to the exhibition entrance.


Abraham Lincoln said...

That was an amazing ship and a great loss of life. I hope the exhibit went well. Your photograph recorded it nicely.

Thanks for coming to my blog and commenting. I do appreciate your comments.

Sally said...

Nice pic.

One of the best Titanic exhibitions I've seen is in Halifax, Nova Scotia, where much of the wreckage ended up. And people buried in the cemetery. It was the closest port I think.

Dsole said...

hey i didn't know there was a Belfast daily photo until today!
This week I've been in Dublin and travel by car to Belfast last wednesday!
I liked your city, even I was there for a couple of hours... it's really different to Madrid I guess :)

blueboat said...

Thanks for your comments. Dsole - I hope you enjoyed your week in Dublin, it is a great city - and the weather has been terrific this week - you chose the right time to visit!

Kate said...

Wow! I'm learning many facts about the Titanic I didn't know before. Thanks!