Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Crumlin Road Courthouse

The Crumlin Road Courthouse was closed in 1998, after about 150 years of service. It was the scene of many trials during the troubles, but now, a sign of hopefully happier times ahead, a local developer is planning to convert it into a luxury hotel.


Wee Adam said...

(From my P7 project last year on Charles Lanyon)

People commented that Lanyon’s experience with churches and lecture halls had influenced his design for the courthouse. Charles was instructed that the cost should not exceed £16,000 but he tendered £16,500 (worth £1,263,131.68 today) which was accepted.
The building is two storied and in Neo-Palladian classical style. It was enlarged in 1905 when new blocks were added to either side of the fa├žade. It was closed in June 1998 after nearly 150 years of use. It was sold to a private developer in 2003. On the 8th February 2004 there was a large fire which broke out in the Courthouse.

prash said...

nice picture!....and it's great that all the trouble seems to be over

CaBaCuRl said...

A beautiful old building, in that 'grand'style...I hope its conversion to a hotel respects the building.

blueboat said...

thanks for the comments, and for the info wee adam!