Friday, 29 June 2007

Bonfire preparations, Cregagh Estate

Preparations are well under way for the 11th of July bonfires. All over Belfast (well, all over the unionist areas), there are great piles of pallets & old furniture waiting to be set ablaze on the 11th night. A tradition I guess, but a bit of an eyesore.
In the background you can see one of many murals commemorating George Best (he grew up in the Cregagh Estate).


Anonymous said...

Seems very close to the tree. It will get scorched I am betting.

I hope you have a nice weekend.

Brookville Daily Photo

Dr. A. said...

unfortunately, Abe, the idiots don't give a damn about trees nor houses. The Fire Service have probably their busiest night on 11th July because communities are known to light their bonfires too close to houses and/or shops. Regrettably too, the fire service tends to come in for a lot of abuse (physical and verbal) while trying to protect property and possibly lives too. Although it is a tradition (and a tradition I participated in as a child) it is time it was stamped out or revamped. In the last few years bonfires have just got bigger and more dangerous but the loyalist community think that it is their god-given right to continue with this sort of lunacy. If they at least were sensible about the whole damn thing and kept the fires to a more manageable size then perhaps it would be OK. Sadly too, like the twelfth celebrations, it has now become a show of strength and, if anybody tries to do anything about it, the loyalists simply dig their heels in. Garvaghy Road being a case in point. Oh for the good old days, eh? When life was so much simpler.

blueboat said...

I agree with you Dr A, though I'm not sure if the good old days were as simple as we think. I remember going along to bonfires as a child in the 70s, and it was fun and enjoyable, but then we all watched 'Love thy neighbour' and 'mind your language' and thought they were fun too.... I guess most of us have come a long way in the last few years, its just a matter of time for the extremists to catch up..? (My solution would be to harness all that musical talent and turn the orange bands into mariachi bands - surely everyone would just have to love that?)