Thursday, 7 June 2007

the Tele

The Belfast Telegraph has the widest circulation of any of our local papers. Based on Royal Avenue, it aims for the middle ground, but it is probably fair to say that it has a mainly unionist readership. (The biggest nationalist paper is the Irish News, which is based just round the corner in Donegall Street).


Anonymous said...

That is an old newspaper and probably has a long list of suscribers too. Do they have problems retaining readers or are they losing them to the Internet and Television? The reason I ask is that is what is happening here in the states.

Newspapers close down almost daily.

Abraham Lincoln
Remember "The World's Ugliest Cat?" He got a haircut!
Brookville Daily Photo

Pat said...

What a great photo of that building! Oh, how I remember picking up the newspaper each day at the little newsagent down at the bottom of Merville Garden Village.

Thanks for the memories, once again.

RamblingRound said...

The building, the sign and the clock all have that vintage appeal. Beautiful.

blueboat said...

Thanks for your comments - I'm glad I've brought back some happy memories for you Pat!
Abraham, yes, as far as I know the readership is declining, but the two big papers here (the Belfast Telegraph and the Irish News), seem to be managing quite well - they both have healthy advertising revenue and I think that helps. (Other smaller papers have gone to the wall, just last year a new paper, the Daily Ireland, was launched and folded all within one year.)