Wednesday, 11 July 2007

11th night

The eve of the 12th July marches, tonight is the night when loyalists traditionally burn bonfires at locations all over Northern Ireland. Part of a celebration of loyalist culture, the details of which escape me, though as far as I can see large quantities of booze are involved...

This huge bonfire (at Shaws Bridge, on the edge of the Belvoir housing estate) is decorated with an Irish tricolour and Sinn Fein election posters and will be set alight at midnight tonight. Many people object to the bonfires on political grounds, and recently environmental concerns have become an issue.

Here you can view a photo of another large bonfire in Antrim.


Kate said...

I wonder what the bonfires symbolize? Large quantities of booze? Hard to believe!

MLL said...

Waoh I didn't know there were such bonfires in Ireland. Thanks for that photo.

dr. adder said...

Thank heavens it's all over for another year and being out of the country on that particular night is an added bonus.

fenian beater said...

yeo f*ck the pope and the IRA.
For God And Ulster
God Save the Queen

Goldsprings true defenders

itzip 1690 said...

i help 2 bulid that bonfire
and will do so every year its bigger and better every year

taigs cant even bulid 1 the size of da house