Saturday, 29 September 2007

an enchanted evening

Enchanted Evenings are held every autumn at Botanic Gardens. For four nights the Gardens are open at night and full of families with lanterns, light-sticks, fairy wings... We're just back from a wonderful evening meeting pixies, Sean Connery the dragon, and the tree lady (above).


Mike said...

Looks like a magical evening. Lovely photos too.

Gerard McGarry said...

Nice shots. We went along too, and had a great time. Some of the little mechanical fairies were excellent, and the kids really seemed to believe they were real.

Nice to see Botanic Gardens transformed in such a nice way.

blueboat said...

Thanks for visiting. It was a lovely evening - madly crowded but wasn't it nice to be able to wander round the park in the dark (without worrying about getting mugged!)