Wednesday, 5 September 2007


Back from a wonderful holiday in Rome.

We stayed in Testaccio, a really lovely area, just south of the Aventine Hill, not too touristy with lots of really good (and very inexpensive) restaurants, and within easy walking distance of the city centre.

Testaccio has a fantastic market.

This stall sold only tomatoes - there were at least 15 different varieties available.

Of course, like in any market, there were stalls devoted to selling general tat.

Outside Volpetti, a fantastic (but very expensive) delicatessen just down the street from the flat we rented on the Via Marmorata.
I liked the name of this shop.....I guess this is all you need really.

Clearing up after the market in Campo di Fiori.

Cafe on the Piazza Navona.

I'll freely admit that we spent most of our time scoffing excellent pizza and industrial quantities of gelato, but we did manage to visit some of the sights ....
The Colosseum

and the Pantheon


dr. adder said...

Absolutely fantastic - did you visit the Vatican and the Sistine Chapel while you were there?
Could have directed you to a couple of decent eating places near Trevi but you probably found them anyhow.

dr. adder said...

heh heh - just misread one of your comments - I thought you said general tart (c: and I thought she doesn't look that bad (nice bum)

Kate said...

Greaat photos. Jealous, jealous, jealous. Thanks for sharing those pictures that give us an idea of what you were doing while there!

Gerard McGarry said...

Great photos - brought back a lot of memories from our trip over there a few years ago - we actually had a meal at that cafe in Piazza Navona.

dr. adder said...

... but those tomatoes look good enough to eat (c:~

blueboat said...

Thanks for your comments.
We did visit the Vatican, but the queues for the museums were huge, so, given that we were travelling with a 7 year old, we gave the sistine chapel a miss. I guess we'll just have to go back some time....
I thought you'd like the picture of the Italian lady's bum Dr A. (makes me think of that Sophia Loren comment 'everything you see I owe to spaghetti...')

dr. adder said...

There's nothing like it kiddo for great asses. Nothing like it!

Lynette said...

Y'all are so bad, I say in good humor, with this bum/ass stuff. And I was trying to figure out if tat was a word for pieces of cloth/clothing/whatever that is in the boxes.

Anyway, I believe those Rome photos are fantastic; I love the flower photo before you left on your trip, and I join you in hoping nothing bad happens to that great building.