Tuesday, 16 January 2007

Albert Bridge

In a brief flash of late afternoon sunlight, the Albert Bridge, with the ever-present Samson and Goliath in the background.


~tanty~ said...

I do like this bridge. The walls look beautiful. And I like its color too.

Meg said...

I think you captured it at just the right time. What a success!

Say, can I ask you something? Do you also say/write "Up (insert-favorite-team-name)"? When we were traveling around the Republic in 2003 (our car rental contract didn't allow us to go into NI), especially around Shannon, I think, everybody had signs in their front yard with the team colors. I thought that was the simplest expression of support I had ever seen. Do you do that? (Because otherwise it could be misconstrued to mean, you know, the other way....)

Mental Floss said...

Very nice shot. Lovely framing

blueboat said...

Thanks for your comments!
And Meg, re: 'Up the ... whoever' signs, not so much in the North. Up here, in country areas especially, lots of houses display flags in the county colours, but I haven't seen any 'Up the..' type signs. In the city I have seen 'Up the IRA' and 'Up the UDA', but not for a long while!! I think in the west of Ireland - in Kerry in particular - Gaelic football is an all-consuming passion. I remember driving out of Killarney town a couple of years ago and passing a massive tailback - about 10 miles long - of cars coming into town for a match, and flags flying from every car.

Meg said...

Yeah, they looked a pretty passionate lot. We went into a tiny shop and bought some junk food one time, and the shopkeeper and his mates looked annoyed that we inturrpted a very important conversation - it was the week preceding a final of some sort.
Thanks for the info!