Saturday, 6 January 2007

Antrim Coast Road

A few miles out of Belfast for a couple of hours this afternoon - a walk along the bottom stretch of the Antrim Coast Road in the low winter light. The plaque to the right commemorates the men who built the road. It was constructed during the 1830s and runs for around 23 miles linking the port town of Larne to the 9 Glens of Antrim. In a 2006 survey, the road was voted number 5 in a list of the world's most spectacular views, beating the Grand Canyon, Machu Picchu and the Angel Falls! (see ). Now, don't get me wrong, the coast road is spectacular and undoubtedly lovely, but even I suspect the vote might have been rigged...!


Gerald (SK14) said...

We've only been to Northern Ireland twice -- both times on day trips when staying near Stranraer {The combined ferry + coach trip was cheaper than a return ferry crossing!}. First time was the lovely coast road to the Giant's Causeway which was marvellous (23 years ago this was!) although Portrush didn't excite us much.
Second time we went to the Glens of Antrim -- OK but hardly on a par with the Grand Canyon!

blueboat said...

Gerald, I don't imagine the coast road has changed a lot in those 23 years, in places there has been a lot of development but the coast route doesn't seem to have suffered too badly.

Pat said...

So often I've told people over here in Canada that the Antrim Coast Road is one of the most beautiful stretches of road anywhere! And they must do Torr Head and Murlough Bay!

Ohh, and a little nip in Bushmills is great on a wet day too. :)