Tuesday, 2 January 2007


The rath at the top of the Cregagh Glen, right at the edge of the city. Raths are also known as ringforts - and there are thought to be almost 50,000 of these in Ireland - some thought to date from the Iron Age. Wikipedia has a fairly thorough article, if you're interested: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ringfort


Louz said...

Hello! A Leonard Cohen lover too. I heard a radio interview with him just yesterday. He actually retired to a monestary and became a Buddhisht monk for 5 years but left and is making albums again.

I am intrigued by the ringforts, sounds so other worldly, like fairies and lords, etc. Enjoyed seeing your other photos too.

blueboat said...

Hi Louz. Glad you enjoyed the photo of the ringfort - my husband actually took this one - he knows a lot more about this sort of thing than I do. It does look kind of romantic though I think the purpose of these forts was extremely prosaic!