Wednesday, 21 March 2007

the Albert Clock

Belfast's very own leaning tower, the Albert Memorial Clock is a memorial to Queen Victoria's husband. It was built on reclaimed marshland by the river Farset - which is presumably why it now leans more than four feet off the vertical.
The immediate area around the Albert Clock was once notorious as a place for prostitutes. But the whole area has now been (literally and metaphorically) cleaned up, and adjoins Customs House Square, a popular venue for family and musical events.


Mimmu said...
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Mimmu said...

You have taken this photo very beautifully, and a history is interesting.

Abraham Lincoln said...

Very nice photography. I liked the two snow pictures too.
720 pixels

Mountainboy said...

A leaning clock! Great - a rival to Pizza's tower!

Chris & Deb said...

I like this composition-particularly the curvature on those lamps-those arcing lines help balance out all the sharp lines of the tower.
Nicely done!