Saturday, 3 March 2007

Evening Sun

Late afternoon sun and a lovely sky, taken today at Belvoir Park Forest.
There are bird feeders hanging in the trees by the car park and I stopped by for a look as there are usually lots of birds and squirrels around here. I thought I saw a squirrel, but when I zoomed in....a big brown rat!


Kate said...

I prefer the sunset to the rat. The colours glow on the screen!!

Susan said...

Gorgeous sunset!
Remember, rats are just squirills with naked tails.

Pat said...

Ohhh, what a wonderful shot!

Love it!

Each time I come here, I get more homesick for the auld sod! LOL

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Pat said...

Of course I meant the sunset but not the rat! I saw too many of those when I lived in N.I. but see them occasionally here too and I dislike them.

Oya said...

So cute....and lovely sunset...peaceful.